BROLENE Eye Drops 10ml

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Customer declaration: I agree to use this pharmacy-only medicine strictly as directed. If symptoms persist, or if I suffer any adverse effects, I will contact my pharmacist or doctor immediately. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the information provided about this medicine.

Brolene eye drops are used for minor infections of the eye or eye lid. They work by stopping the growth of bacteria, allowing your body to fight off the infection.

The solution contains 0.1% w/v of the active substance propamidine isetionate. Other ingredients: Ammonium chloride, sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, sodium hydroxide and water for injections.

Instil 1 to 2 drops into the affected eye(s) 4 times daily for up to one week. It is recommended to clean affected eye(s) with previously boiled warm water or saline before use.


  • Do not use Brolene when you are wearing soft or gas-permeable contact lenses.
  • Do not use Brolene if you are allergic to it or any of the ingredients listed.


  • Do not use Brolene in infants excect on medical advice from your doctor
  • If you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant check with your pharmacist or doctor before using Brolene. 
  • Discard 4 weeks after opening
  • Seek medical advice from your pharmacist or doctor if your symptoms worsen or do not improve after 2 days, or if the infection has not cleared completely after using Brolene for 7 days.
  • May cause blurred vison; do not drive or operate machinery until vision clears  
  • Read the Patient Information Leaflet supplied with Brolene Eye Drops before using the product.      
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